Malcom B. Strandberg

Here I am on Isle Mujeres again, wearing my
SUN Java shirt and my RedHat Linux red hat.

TinTin, Tandem and other photos.
Harvard Radcliffe 73 25th reunion

Tropical travel photos - Isle Mujeres.  

Electric Cars - of my car and commentary on general perceptions 
Delaine and her Prius (gas-electric hybrid)

Books - Al Franken's and - Schoonerman
Tolkien Scrapbook - Arda Map and - Foundation - Techville

Family -

My father, MIT Prof. M.W.P. Strandberg
my brother, J.R.W. Strandberg at Future Tense/Mission Critical
my sister Sue Abby
my sister Lisa Stith web page, 1996,97 photos

My wife,  Delaine's page with travel photos.

Eve's page on twins, 

see my java applet test page

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