Executive Biographies

Josiah Strandberg, Vice President - Development and Support

Within the tight, technically savvy circle of newspaper production professionals, Dr. Strandberg's name is synonymous with high-performance electronic prepress systems. A co-founder of Mission Critical, he has been involved in the development of printing and publishing software for more than twenty years. As director for software development at Atex, he was responsible for the development of the Integrated Advertising System, the benchmark advertising front-end against which all others are measured. Later, at Xyquest and Stonehand, he contributed to the development of microcomputer-based text processing software.

Dr. Strandberg began working with computers as a graduate student under the direction of Andries van Dam at Brown University where he was involved in pioneering experiments with hypertext. He earned an BA from Cornell University and a MA and Ph.D. in philosophy at Brown University.