MalcomS and DelaineSt Copyrights

Malcom and Delaine Strandberg Copyrights

This is where we state in a legal way that we want to protect the content of the material presented in these pages, including text and images contained in the malcoms/ or DelaineSt/ directories and subdirectories.

These pages shall not be distributed, reproduced in any way without permission.

One exception, permission is granted to publish a document with WWW links (HREF) to the any of the pages containing the "Copyright ... Strandberg" WWW link to this page. As example, permission to link includes the following pages:

  • malcoms/index.html
  • malcoms/DelaineSt/index.html

    Links to any other files in malcoms/ or DelaineSt/ , or use of copies of any of the files still require permission.

    For permission contact: